Let’s talk about stuff?

Let’s talk about stuff?

One of the many questions we get when people find out about our nomadic lifestyle or location independence, is how we live without our “stuff”. I guess the first part of this question is… “what do you mean by stuff?”

Before we chose our mobile lifestyle, we had a house full of “stuff”. When we hit the road, we had to downsize. We had a huge cleanout and donated, sold or threw out “stuff’. What we ended up with was books, files of slide transparencies (Michael has been a photographer for many years), traveling and camping gear and seasonal clothes.

We store this stuff in a paid storage unit. The longer we have been doing this, the less attached to stuff we become. So much so we have downsized our storage unit.

I think the people who question the need for stuff, really mean other stuff. Stuff like knick-knacks, cupboards full of clothes, shoes, towels, sheets,  kitchen equipment, furniture, gardening tools etc etc.

Firstly, when we spent six months traveling Australia and six months traveling Asia, we discovered that we don’t need that kind of stuff. When you live with a small backpack for six months, you quickly learn that the stuff at home does not make life any more joyful. Minimalism is cathartic, giving us space for more experiences.

Plus, when we housesit, we share someone else’s stuff. We get to look at their choice in art, furnishings and equipment. We get to learn what we like and don’t like. We do that without judgement, understanding that everyone likes different styles and equipment.

“Material things are delightful, but they’re not important.” Richard Branson

Somewhere on our journey, we got to choose between material things and experiences. We chose experiences.

Location independence is certainly not for everyone. I understand that some people are real home bodies. I think it might be like being a early bird or a night owl. Being a homebody or a free spirit might be ingrained. I was at a pre christmas party recently and someone asked what makes you feel at home. That is easy. As long as I am with Michael, I feel at home. No stuff required.

So my challenge to you is… What are the things you need to feel at home?