Michael Pelusey presents workshops that engage the community with the local environment. Whether for a library presentation or corporate session, Michael gets great feedback from his attendees. These presentations also have the option of hands on and outside experiences.

Workshops Available

  • Take Better Photos: Professional Hacks to Capture your Photographic Memories
  • Celebrating Trees
  • Mindfulness Photography
  • People Photography: The Tricky Art of Photographing People
  • Awaken the Senses through Photography
  • Capturing the Essence series:
    • Street Photography
    • Landscape
    • Travel: Creating Meaningful Travel Experiences using Photography
    • Seascapes


Mine Site Village, Trish

I'm going on a trip soon, so when the opportunity to attend Mike and Jane's mindfulness photography workshop, I thought why not, I can pick up some tips for taking good photos on holiday. Well what can I say, I was blown away! With Mike's amazing photography and Jane's know-how with tips and tricks on my phone, they make a formidable pair. I experienced such an emotional connection with Mike's photos; and the explanation and visuals on how to create amazing photos from panoramic views, to fine detail, and night photography, all on my phone makes me very confident that I'm going to capture some beautiful photos, and also to slow down and enjoy the experience. Setting up the favourite's folder was the icing on the cake. If you get the chance to attend one of their workshops, you will not be disappointed. It was one of the best workshops I've attended. Thanks Mike and Jane for sharing your journey and amazing talent and knowledge with me. 

Joondalup Library, Margaret

Hi Michael

Thanks again for another great session on a different aspect of photography. It certainly created a lot of interest, and everyone seemed very happy with the presentation.

Here are the comments made on the evaluation forms:

  1. Great presentation. Definitely food for thought
  2. Michael presents excellent workshops. Thank you
  3. Great talk, good duration, really like possibility of follow ups
  4. Great topic, just the right amount of time, interesting speaker. Beautiful photos & great tips!
  5. Really excited about joining Michael Pelusey's events
  6. Thanks Michael, I look forward to trying your methods
  7. Great program, great presentation
  8. Very interesting talk, I found it extremely useful
  9. Wasn't sure what to expect as I've not been to Michael's workshops before. Enjoyed & learnt a few things
  10. An enjoyable and interesting presentation
  11. Very interesting
  12. I really enjoyed the talk and I have the same mindset when I take photos
  13. Michael is a fantastic presenter
  14. Very enthusiastic, can't wait to try out your ideas
  15. Very interesting and informative. Beautiful pictures
  16. Very enjoyable and inspiring! Thank you City of Joondalup and Michael Pelusey. Look forward to more!
  17. More of these types please
  18. Great concept. Knowledgeable presentation - quite inspirational
  19. Has inspired me to pull out the camera and take some mindful shots! Brilliant!