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Michael Pelusey started his creative journey following a year long trip to South America and walked into a press photographer job.

After several years with newspapers Michael became a freelance photographer and writer. He began writing articles and taking photos particularly for 4WD and adventure magazines.

Jane Pelusey always wanted to be a nurse and then an Intensive Care Trauma specialist but after 17 years burnt out. Wanting a change, she studied a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She used that writing experience to transition into becoming a travel writer alongside Michael as the photographer.

Transitioning from regular jobs to a travel lifestyle is a scary but exciting journey which Michael and Jane both did at the age of 35 in the analogue era. These days there are so many more options and ways to achieve that. Going digital is the way they can spread their knowledge and experience across the globe.

Over the last 20 years, they have published over 90 books with multinational publishers and hundreds of magazine articles showing children and adults the best places to explore.

Our skills in photography, writing and GPS mapping led to becoming the Trail Assessors for the Trails WA project and later on the working committee for the recent update.

Both Michael and Jane are passionate about being fit and healthy enough to travel and explore the world and do the things they want to do. Such as walking the 1000km Bibbulmun Trail twice, running half and full marathons, climbing peaks like Mount Kinabalu or walking London to explore every nook and cranny.

Michael's thoughts on photography have led to a whole philosophy of living life mindfully, using the camera (or smart phone). He runs regular Mindfulness Photography walks in Perth.

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