Kimberley Wet Season

Kimberley Wet Season

What you need to know about holidaying in the Kimberley in the Wet Season

The Kimberley has two distinct season: the wet and the dry seasons. The Indigenous people of the Kimberley have six or more seasons linked to the availability of bush tucker.
Broome has been bustling during this dry season with Western Australians exploring their own state but after September / October things slow down as the weather builds up to the wet season.
New flight deals make it cheap to head to the Kimberley in the next few months.
We love the Kimberley in the wet, but just a heads up. It is different to being there in June and July.

Stormy light in the Kimberley

It is hot. Very hot. Broome isn’t too bad. The daily maximum is around 35. Further East in Kununurra is even hotter, like 38 or 40 or more.
It’s not called the wet season for nothing. It is sticky weather making it feel hotter.


In the wet season itself, it is wet, road closing wet. Whether it’s tropical storms or cyclones, it does rain heavy once a day.

King George Falls in the wet season

So we want to encourage you to go as it is still amazing up there during wet season. Just be prepared.
  1. Air conditioning. You will need it as an escape from the heat.
  2. Dirt roads close so be prepared to stay on the bitumen road
  3. Tropical thunder storms are amazing. Take in the power of the weather.
  4. Plan to do things early and late and rest during the middle of the day or laze around the pool.
  5. Check out some waterfalls because they will be pumping. Arrange a scenic flight over one of the amazing falls.
  6. Set yourself up with a cocktail in the evening to watch nature’s light show.

We have had a few experiences in the Kimberley season:

Michael went on hiking expedition in March, the grasses were tall and green, thunderstorms filled the rivers, it was very hot and humid.

Creeks flowing in the wet season

We spent New Year’s Eve in Broome for 1999/2000, celebrating our meeting ten years earlier. It was an awesome experience. Cocktails at sunset and steamy tropical night with the Pigrim Brothers performing on the foreshore. We would explore early, head inside in the afternoon and wander out again after the afternoon storm.

Cable Beach after a thunderstorm

We spent a few days at Lake Argyle Resort in February. The four of us where the only people there. We had the infinity pool to ourselves. Interestingly, there was a cyclone around so it wasn’t as hot and not many thunderstorms.

Boab in the green wet season