Unplug from a plugged in world

We all know the kids are using their social media a lot these days. Aren't we all?

And wouldn't we love for them to unplug from a plugged in world.

But getting the phone away from them is a whole new level of hard!!!!

So what if, by using that exact tool, we could get them to unplug and connect to the world, nature, their family?

In a world where sensory input has never been greater, our automatic response is to NUMB it out. 

Have you ever noticed that kids can't hear you some days? 

That is a symptom of numbing. To be honest, we all numb, just we do it with food, wine and coffee, and binge watching and scrolling. We find ways to turn off. 


Imagine by using that exact tool that causes some of the problem (in flight mode) we expand our awareness, connect and focus on details. We actually reconnect to our amazing world. 

How would you like your kids to reconnect and awaken their senses?

The kids can do this alone or as a family project.

Michael Pelusey has been working with kids for years to find their creativity running photography workshops for City of Vincent and City of Joondalup and presentations at Children's Bookweek for many years through the city and country libraries and schools.

Michael's own photography philosophy of CAPTURING THE ESSENCE works with kids because they love the experience of being creative and in nature. 

Now the workshop is online and ready for the kids to follow along at home. Not only do the kids learn via video, text and hands on exercises about connecting, they learn photographic skills at the same time.