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For a system to get more out of your travel and life in general?

Now is not the time to get unhealthy and unfit. We've have tested and proved our system which is sustainable long term and keeps us healthy and energetic to take on any travel or life challenge.

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The Corona Virus hit and all your travel plans for 2020 went out the window. We got locked down in isolation (of different degrees). We ate too many carbs, couldn’t go to the gym and worked from home. We did too much sitting around and didn’t move our bodies. We rewarded ourselves with comfort food and grew Iso-bellies.


And you’ve probably found yourself wondering about a few things:

How can I reset my body to a state of health?

How can I feel energetic about exercising again?

How do I stay healthy in a world of bugs?


Have you ever wondered staying healthy in between and during travel?

I have travel goals that need a level of fitness. How can I get there?

How do I stay healthy on a travel journey, particularly a road trip?

How do I travel with health confidence, wherever that may be?

Even we wonder when we will be able to travel overseas. Some say middle of 2021. We can still travel locally in the meantime.

Yes, there is hope in this. We can travel to places and enjoy adventures feeling super healthy and fit; travel fit

And the amazing thing about feeling healthy and fit? You can experience everything on your travels with energy and enthusiasm and recover ready to do it all over again the next day.  Reset your health so you can explore the amazing place that you live in.

Health sunset

Imagine if...

You could reset your health within 30 days and maintain it easily!

You could feel energetic and vibrant everyday?

You could feel like exercising everyday so you could improve fitness!

You could be present for your work and have energy for your family as well!

What if?

What if you had a Sustainable System to use to get healthy, stay healthy and reset whenever you need to. We all have times when we go off "the rails". 
What if you had a Sustainable System instead of a dreaded sense of “I have to go on a diet and eat rabbit food"?


If your health isn't grounded into a system of balance and allowing you to eat what you want in moderation, maybe it is time to give it a good hard look. If you are restricting a food group or depriving yourself of your favourite foods and you don't really like that, maybe it is the time to make a change.

Jane's Mottos

What if?

What if we handed you the keys to Feeling amazing and the ability to stay fit and healthy so you can do whatever you want, go on the adventures your dream of. 

It doesn't have to be the 1000km end to end Bibbulmun Track like we did. Our dream was to complete it at the age 50 and 60, easily and effortlessly. What is your dream?

If your health is more hit and miss or cross your fingers and hope for the best, we understand. We too were once there.

If you wondered how to get healthy without giving up wine, cheese and chocolate, it is time to talk to us.

Together we have been working and involved in the health and fitness industries

We can help you completely change you health, energy and fitness. 

Here’s what’s inside

I am feeling fitter and fantastic ???? ????‍♀️????‍♀️
Weighed myself and I've lost 8kg so far. My 5km walk took me just 45min this morning...AND my tracky dacks are falling off my hips!
Next week I'm starting the steep hills and in July, I'll be climbing Table Top Mountain.”



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Your Travel Fit Coaches

Together we are travel writers, author of over 90 books, adventurers and explorers, Trail Assessor, Travel Fit half & marathon runners and long-distance hikers. World Travellers, Analogue Nomads who have gone Digital and Location Independent. 

Hi I'm Jane Pelusey: I have 17 years experience as Critical Care Clinical Nurse / Manager with Trauma specialty. Trauma Research and Education. I left that to become a travel writer and live a travel lifestyle.

That seems like a lot of hats but it all stems from our values with Health and Fitness at the top. I wanted to help people with their health from about the age of ten. Maybe because I watched the nurses caring for my dying father at that age. Whatever the reason, I went straight from school into my dream job as a nurse and that led to me working in critical care where we try to pull sick people back from the precipice of death. Along the way I realised the hospital system isn't anything to do with health. Many of my patients had lifestyle induced medical problems. I wondered about living a life of proactive health and wellness.

After becoming a travel writer, and health coach, I found out how I can help people to feel good again. I had my own search to feel fit and healthy. I tried many things and this is the results of all my research and personal testing. This transformation photo shows how I maintained that feeling.

Jane Pelusey
Michael tackles the Via Ferrata at Mount Kinabalu

Hi I'm Michael Pelusey: Professional Photographer, Ecotherapist, Gym Manager/ Personal Trainer Course, Surf Life Saver, Advanced Scuba Diver

I have always done physical things: running, gym workouts, hiking, surf life saving, scuba diving, masters swimming. I love the feeling of being fit and healthy. 

I trained as a gym manager (equivalent to a personal trainer back then) in order to help people get fitter. How the science has changed since then. 

As I got older and I watch other men my age, slow down, I decided that I didn't want that. That is when I found this system that now keeps me fit, energetic and healthy. I am not ready to stop doing the things I love doing like hiking in nature and still have so many plans to do so. But I also have to make a conscious effort to maintain my body's ability to do the physical things I want to do.