Saying goodbye to our Prado

Saying goodbye to our Prado

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our workhorse and faithful Prado 4WD. What an adventure she took us on. We did treat her like the 4WD she was and she rewarded us with accessing some amazing places and epic adventures.
We have crisscrossed the country, from extreme off roading to towing a caravan on long highways. We always knew we were running the car down and that day has come. We got nearly 400,000 kms out of her.
We picked up our brand new Prado on the Sunshine Coast in 2007. Yep, she was a Queenslander!

Day 1 Sunshine Toyota

We drove her back to Perth while doing a six book series on Australia’s heritage so we went to some great places.

Adventure Central with caravan and kayaks

After just two weeks, we sat in Katoomba Blue Mountains, watching a monster hail storm smash western suburbs a few kilometres away. It missed our brand new car, thankfully. Little did we know we would have a big one in Perth a few years later and our Prado had the scars to prove it.

South Coast WA

We traversed many soft sandy beaches, crossed flooded creeks, plowed along tracks kicking up clouds of bull dust, crawled down steep rocky slopes and found remote camping spots in beautiful locations. We went to the eastern most and western most points on mainland Australia. Yet to tick off Cape York the northern most point, but that adventure awaits.
Without doubt, it’s our off road adventures in Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region that brings up our fondest memories.

Crossing Emu Creek Pilbara

Summing up, our Prado clicked up 13 years and 400,000km, 30,000 kms per year. Not bad going at all. For now it’s a downsize to nippy red car we just picked up today. That will buy some time so we can come up with our next 4WD rig that will once again get us back exploring the Outback.

Mt Augustus with Alucab

Leaving Mount Augustus

Driving through the Osmond Range