Our Alternative WA Bucket List

Our Alternative WA Bucket List

We are so excited that so many people are getting out there, discovering our great vast state and falling in love with our own backyard. And it has never been so much fun. We are also aware that WA hot spots, Kalbarri, Exmouth/ Coral Bay and Broome are pumping with people and rightly so.
I’ve heard Kalbarri is full to the brim and Exmouth is full of fun loving tourists giving it a vibrant vibe.
But we would like to introduce you to our alternative WA bucket list to spread the love all around our state.
So here they are: our lesser known magnificent places in Western Australia.
Lake Ballard is truly in the middle of nowhere, with its nearest town being Menzies in the Goldfields. In 2003, Antony Gormley was invited to create a series of statues, which would be removed. What eventuated is the largest outdoor gallery in Australia. The 51 statues are now permanent.

Lake Ballard

Mt Augustus is the biggest rock in the world. It is two and a half times bigger than Uluru. It is an adventure getting there on the Kingsford Smith Mail Run Drive Trail.

Mount Augustus

Kennedy Ranges, not far from Mount Augustus, the spectacular Kennedy Ranges have interesting gorges with unusual rock formations. This is a sunrise spot.

Kennedy Ranges

Gloucester tree and Pemberton. Climbing Gloucester tree is one of those bucket list items for those comfortable with heights. There are two fire watch trees in the Pemberton Karri Forest. The climb to the top is exhilarating as you grip the spikes surrounding the tree and the ‘moving  in the wind view’ once up there above the forest canopy. Pemberton is a great place for some wine tasting as well.

Gloucester Tree climb

Bibbulmun Track is 1000 km of world class walking trail from Kalamunda to Albany via nine country towns along the way. There are specially built shelters in beautiful locations to camp in overnight. It can be done in one go if you have the time, in sections, or a pleasant ramble over a few days.

Bibbulmun Track

Stirling Ranges is the only alpine area we have in Western Australia. These ranges rise majestically out of the flat farming land with Bluff Knoll being the highest peak in the area. There are lots of hiking trails with spectacular views and plenty of wildlife and wildflowers.

Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges

Kununurra in the East Kimberley isn’t as busy as the west or Broome side, but the highlights are Lake Argyle, Purnululu National Park, Lake Kununurra, Ord River and Ivanhoe Crossing. Oh did I say diamonds!!!

Lake Argyle Resort infinity pool

So get out there and explore our beautiful state.