Missing Travel? Embracing the travel lifestyle in your neighbourhood.

Missing Travel? Embracing the travel lifestyle in your neighbourhood.

We live in strange times, when what we use to take for granted has been turned upside down. Travel certainly fits that category as we battle to control the pandemic. We live in Perth, Western Australia where regional, national and international borders are slammed shut. You even have to have very good reasons to leave the metro area. Not that we are complaining.

Neighbourhood lake in Hillarys, WA

Normally, our travelling involves long road trips, housesitting gigs, hiking journeys, business trips and exploring new countries. Now we can’t go anywhere, it’s tempting to just reminisce about the good old days and languish in front of Netflix or pour over photo albums.

So what do you do about it when your life is based around travel? How do you keep the travel flame alight?

The answer, explore you local area like a tourist with fresh eyes. Around Perth as in most cities in Australia, there are plenty of walking and cycling trails that can get you outside, exploring and exercising while social distancing. What we suggest is that while doing this, truly take in the beauty that is around us. Be grateful

Here’s a tip.
Every day, go for a one hour walk and choose a different route every time along neighbourhood streets. We live near the Swan River where there is no shortage of scenery and nature while going for a walk or jog. There is also a variety of heritage housing to admire as well as magnificent gardens.

If you need to drive somewhere, taking into account restrictions, get out of your car and walk and really see what’s around and awaken your senses.

Find a nearby lake, river, coastline, park or bushland. Look for cycling and walking trails in those areas. In Perth, look up the Trails WA website and then Trails Near Me for locations. Look for equivalent websites in other areas.

Take some photos, just like you would being a tourist in another country. It’s amazing what discoveries you will make, because you now have time on your hands to truly get to know your local area.

When all this Covid 19 stuff is over, why not continue getting to know your local area like a tourist with fresh eyes. Then you can find new bars, restaurants, cultural events, museums, galleries and staycation opportunities to add in the mix.

Do you have any ideas about what you can when exploring your surroundings, keeping Covid 19 in mind?