Couples working together

Couples working together

The other day I was watching a a cormorant perched on a rock at Trigg Beach. It was just sitting there quietly after catching a few fish and seemingly enjoying a bit of down time.

Minutes later, the bird moved over to allow space for its mate to land. They preened each other then sat together facing into the sea breeze in absolute bliss, from what I could see.

We can learn from watching the effortless ease and flow of nature in action. There’s no judgement, dramas, stress or negative self talk. The birds are totally in the moment. It’s simplicity living at its best.

Most of us, on the other hand, are the opposite to nature’s flow and over complicate life. We don’t allow space and nearly always feel the need to jam too much into every day. The result, stress and anxiety.

I’m often guilty of over complicating things. It’s really obvious in the way I write. I take forever to write a simple paragraph as I constantly self edit and try to create the perfect sentence. I do this in other areas of my life as well.

What I should be doing is taking a leaf out of nature’s book and go with the flow instead of forcing it. When I allow space for myself and Jane, creativity, enjoyment and flow blossoms.