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For your Four-Step System to getting more out of your travel, photography and capturing the essence of your journey.

Now is not the time to stop traveling. We've created the exact system you need to not only take better photos but connect to your travels and life in a deeper, more mindful way.

Let me Guess...

The Corona Virus hit and all your travel plans for 2020 went out the window. The borders are shut, and you might be planning a local trip.

And you’ve probably found yourself wondering about a few things:

Is it worth traveling within my own state?

How do I get the most out of traveling locally?

Will I go now or wait to go when it all settles down?


Have you ever wondered about the point to you taking photos:

Do you ever travel, take photos and say “the photo doesn’t capture what it really looks like”?

Do you give up taking photos on your trip because you aren’t capturing the essence of your experience?

Do you stand back and take snapshots as a record as opposed to connecting to where you are?

But we are all wondering if things will ever return to normalcy—that’s when we need clear, confident, experienced voices showing up to guide and remind the rest of us that:

Yes, there is hope in this. And yes, there is still discovery and curiosity to be experienced.

And the amazing thing about travelling locally? You can experience your own “backyard” with fresh eyes. Recalibrate your travel mindset to explore the amazing place that you live in.


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Imagine if...

You knew how to be in the moment and mindful in all your travels?


You where able to connect more deeply to your travels, not only as a tourist but really “see” where you are?


You could see the vista as a whole, then connect to the subjects and then focus on the detail and capture that in images and in your memory?

You could do this all easily on your next big trip because you had the opportunity to learn, practise and execute it all in your own backyard?


What if?

What if you had a Four-Step System to use when you travel to capture those amazing places to share with your family and friends.
What if you had a Four-Step System instead of a dreaded sense of “I can’t capture the beauty of that"?


If your travel photography isn't grounded in sound composition and connecting skills, you're likely missing out on real experiences and capturing memories.

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What if?

What if we handed you the keys to travel photography and equipped you with all the steps that you need to show up and shoot with confidence

If your travel photography is more a point and shoot and hope for the best, we understand. We too were once there.

If you wondered how to take photos of people but too afraid to ask or didn’t know the etiquette, we have been there too.

HEMA Maps once called us explorers and we love that but we prefer to be called Travel Lifestyle Experts

Your next trip will begin to completely transform how you use photography.

Here’s what’s inside

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my borrowed camera yesterday. Using a DSLR is new territory for me, but I'm really enjoying the quality of the photographs I'm taking. I'm so enjoying this new adventure... it's great to learn a different side of photography.

My thanks once again. 


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Your Mindfulness Photography teacher… Hi I’m Michael Pelusey

Professional Photographer, Travel writer, Author of over 90 books, Adventurer and Explorer, Ecotherapist, Trail Assessor, Travel Fit marathon runner and long-distance hiker, World Traveller, Analogue Nomad who has gone Digital and Location Independent.

That seems like a lot of things I do but they all flow from a love of photography, travel, and nature. I have been a professional photographer since 1987 but a passionate photographer since I received my first camera at the age of ten. Newspaper photography morphed into magazines and I was writing as well. Photography and writing have taken Jane and I around the state, country and world.

I have found that being in nature with my camera is the best mental health tool I have. I also find the camera is a conduit between the busy world and mindfulness.

During my 35 years of photography, I have developed my own processes to truly connect to the location, people and detail. This leads to expanded awareness, connection and focus. When used together, that is mindfulness.

In my travels around the world, I found just pointing and shooting randomly, ended up in a mish mash of photos that did not tell a story of the place or my journey. When I started treating my photography like a photojournalist, the story evolved.

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