Ten bays in WA that give you those Maldives feels

Ten bays in WA that give you those Maldives feels

What is it about blue water that makes us feel good? Is it the rich aqua colour? Is it the tranquil water? Is it the dream of floating in the endless blue? Do we just breath out because of the beauty of nature? When we look at how colour affects our mental state, sky blue, aqua and turquoise make us feel calm, serene and tranquil.

We see images of Fiji, Bora Bora and Maldives with their idyllic aqua water. But wait, what about right here at home.

The other day we visited Meelup Beach and once again marvelled at the incredible depth of colour along WAs vast coastline.

Here is my list of amazingly blue water in WA. These are all ocean locations with that perfect aqua ocean experience.

Close to Perth

Rottnest Island

It is easy to forget the island off Perth has some of the southern most coral reefs in Australia and along with spectacular gin clear water. If you head west of Thomson’s Bay and the Basin, you will probably have it all to yourself. Check out Little Parakeet Bay, Salmon and Little Salmon Bay and Fish Hook Bay.

Porpoise Bay, Rottnest Island

Kayaking around Rottnest Island

Pulling into Pinkies Beach. Rottnest Island

Penguin Island

Rotto’s little sister island is often overlooked but has beautiful water, calm on the east, rougher on the west. Check out the penguins and seals at Seal Island.

Penquin Island

Up North

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands made it onto the Skyscanner Top Trends and Destinations for Travel 2021. I would also suggest that not that many Western Australians have been there. The Abrolhos is know for its crawfishing community, shipwreck history in the 1600s and live aboard dive and fishing trips. For more details go to our blog: Western Australia’s Galapagos: Houtman Abrolhos.

Crayfishing shacks on Abrolhos Islands

Gnaraloo Bay

The surfers have known about Gnaraloo for decades. Famous for its surf breaks, Gnaraloo Bay is a white sand, calm bay protected by the southern end of Ningaloo Reef.

Check out the drift snorkel. Walk south down the beach, get in the water, pop on your mask and go with the flow. No kicking required. Check out Red Bluff on nearby Quobba Station. For more info go to our blog REEF

Gnaraloo Bay

Kayak ready at Gnaraloo Bay

Shelter Bay, Shark Bay

Steep Point is the western most point of Australian mainland. It juts out from the rugged Zuytdorp  Cliffs and is often pounded by huge ocean swells.  Just around the corner is, as the name suggests, a calm sheltered bay with views to Dirk Hartog Island. Once sheep station, now Edel Land National Park. Check out Steep Point because it is one of the four tick off points (North: Cape York, South: Wilson Promontory, East: Byron Bay lighthouse)

Shelter Bay, Edel land National Park

Ningaloo Reef

The longest fringing coral reef in the world protects the calm inner reef with spectacular coral outcrops. Turquoise Bay and its famous drift snorkel over beautiful coral is only a few steps from your parked car. Check out the bommies at Mandu Mandu. Just sit in shallow with snorkel and goggles and watch the tiny tropical fish go about their daily lives.

Ningaloo Coast


Down South

Meelup Reserve

This is the beach I had forgotten about colour wise. The crystal-clear aqua water is protected by Geographe Bay.

From the western edge of Dunsborough to Bunker Bay, along the Meelup Reserve Trail, there are a series of perfectly aqua bays. First up is Curtis Bay and Bird Rock. Meelup is the busy one because of its great swimming conditions. Point Picquet is where the road is close both beaches. This patch of pristine coast is also accessible by a hiking trail.

Curtis Bay and Bird Rock

Meelup Beach

Point Piquet

Hamelin Bay

The southern end of Boronup Beach is the beautiful Hamelin Bay, complete with remnants of a historic jetty. The beach is nearly 8 kms long and you can drive it in your 4WD.

Cape Le Grand and Lucky Bay

Although some will argue, Lucky Bay has been scientifically tested and found to be the whitest sand in Australia and it squeaks. Take that Whitehaven and Hyams Beach. Along side the beach is this amazing water colour. The water can be cold but it looks so inviting. Check out the kangaroos who chillax on the beach at Lucky Bay, but don’t feed them.

Cape Le Grand Beach

Green Pool and Elephant Rocks

On the South Coast of WA is the magic William Bay National Park, home to Green Pool and Elephant Rocks. Not only is the water so aqua, it is nearly green, but the granite rocks create the sheltered bay and namesake of Elephant Bay.

Green Pool in William Bay National Park