Best Autumn Colours in WA

Best Autumn Colours in WA

We have been on the hunt for Autumn in Western Australia and found these few gems.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is located in the suburb of Highgate, just north of Perth. It is one of the City’s most attractive and popular parks. It is an important part of the Whajuk Noongar lands and waters. After European settlement, the park was gazetted as a public park and its name changed from the Third Swamp to Hyde Park. The two lakes are lined with old Plane trees that turn gold and drop their leaves.

Subiaco Common

Recently built with the Subiaco redevelopment, Subiaco Common has gorgeous avenues of deciduous trees to promenade up and down along. Along with a lake, stream and playgrounds, it is a lovely place to spend time on a nice Autumn day.

Raeburn Orchard in Roleystone

What a great way to capitalise on your orchard! In Autumn the fruit trees are awash in a vibrant autumnal display. For five bucks you can wander and photograph the beautiful avenues of changing colour. Then pick up some produce in their shop. Even pop into the brewery right next door.

Leafy Western Suburbs

The older suburbs of Perth have deciduous street trees that turn golden in Autumn. Just driving around you will encounter many good examples in streets and parks. One of our faves is Goldsworthy Road in Claremont.

Blackwood Tourist Drive

This triangular drive winds its way from Bridgetown to Balingup to Nannup and back to Bridgetown. Bridgetown isn’t known as Fridgetown for nothing, so as the temperature drops, the trees turn orange, yellow and red. There are street trees in all the towns and their local parks have autumnal deciduous trees. The road from Balingup to Nannup has lovely patches of yellow, orange and red leaves. Balingup has the Golden Valley Tree Park which is a separate entity because it is so special.

Golden Valley Tree Park

Golden Valley Tree Park is a sixty hectare landscaped park set in the picturesque hills of Balingup. The heritage listed site has a collection of trees that were planted over one hundred years ago, and is now the largest arboretum in WA. Walk trails loop through both the bushland and the planted park. Our pick for the best trail is the Oak Grove Walk.