Album of the Week

Album of the Week

In a wave of domesticity, we decided we would do a home clean on Saturday mornings together and at the same time we would choose an Album of the Week to play. We would alternate in choosing the album. Music is probably the only part of our 30 years together that causes divide, in a good way.

The purpose of the Album of the week is to stretch our music experience and knowledge, so there are rules.

  1. We play the album all the way through, how the musicians intended.
  2. No Best of Albums.

It started when Meatloaf died and I realised I hadn’t played Bat out of Hell in its entirety in about 30 years. So that was the first album.

There are a couple of extra albums that we chose to listen to when the other one was out that morning. I think you can guess which album is which!