Stress is a natural part of life and is useful to meet deadlines and for our own personal safety. However, when chronic stress takes over, it is detrimental to our way of living.

I have had some stressful careers and situations in my life and have found ways to deal with stress: some good, some not so good. Some of my strategies allow me to live with a sense of awe instead of a numb fog.

As Hans Selye said...

"It's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it."

Stress is rampant in our community. Seventy two percent of Australians feel stress affects their physical health and 64% feel it affects their mental health, but the majority are not seeking any help. Most people think that stress is just part of life and can’t do anything about it. We patch up the situation with quick, unhealthy stopgaps: alcohol, drugs, food.

What we need is a Stress Management Toolkit, with options to suit any occasion.

Our books to help you build a stress management toolbelt are coming soon but in the meantime go to the toolbelt blog for some tips.

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