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Health & Fitness

Travel Fit

To maintain our travel fitness, we use a range of travel friendly products. These natural products keep us healthy and energetic. Having nutritionally rich choices when travelling is key to our productivity, clarity and creativity.

Capturing the Essence

(Maximising your Travel Photography)

Do you get home and say, “the camera just doesn’t capture what we saw”? If you look at a scene, have a travel experience or visit a unique place and not know how to capture it photographically, this course is for you. Do you want to capture the sights, sounds and smells of your travel? (Yes, we did say sounds and smells!)



Mindfulness Photography

Practise Mindfulness using photography as a technique to focus your attention and then expand your awareness in the moment. This course includes a FB group where participants take part in Mindful Photography Walks in Perth WA.

Awaken the Senses

In our busy lives we are experiencing sensory overload. The response of our minds and bodies is to shut down most of that sensory input to reduce the resulting stress and overwhelm. That results in us being numb to the world around us. But to enjoy life to the fullest, we need to wake up those senses that give us joy: sights, sounds, smells, taste and feeling. This course takes you on a step by step journey to awaken those senses.

Awaken the senses
Navigate Niche

Gateway Hobby to Mindfulness

Over our lives, we accumulate a certain set of skills from our education and experience. At the same time, we develop our values. In order to navigate through the murky waters of niche, we need to find where our values intersect with our skills, arriving at a unique niche of your own.

Discover your own niche by doing this course.

Side Hustle by Design

Once you have worked out your own niche, it is time to discover what possible side hustles would suit your niche and how to create them. This is for people who want to follow a passion or create a location independent life.

Emu Creek

Publish Your Passion

When we see peoples Bucket Lists, we always notice many have “WRITE MY BOOK” on there. Writing a book can be overwhelming and most people just don’t know where to start. We have written and published over 90 books, so we do know how you feel. We have broken down the steps to writing a book so we can help you to tell your story in print.

Travel Lifestyle

Having Location Independence is the Ultimate Travel Lifestyle. There are many an influencer espousing the wonders of being #LocationIndependant or #LaptopLifestyle or #VanLife or #TravelLifestyle. And we think that is wonderful that other people are discovering what we have been doing for 20 years. We were the Original Analogue Nomads that are now gone Digital.

In this online experience we will show you all the options for Location Independence.

Travel Lifestyle


One of our Niches are Trails. Over the last 15 years we have mapped, photographed, and written about Hiking, Cycling, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Drive, 4WD and Gourmet Trails.

Travel Tails and Market Daze

Where travel and side hustles meet. Stay tuned for our live events where we will share travel adventures and ways to fund our travel bug. Plus listen to our podcast of the same name where we meet others living a travel lifestyle.

Travel Trails
80 mile

Mindfulness for Conferences

Michael Pelusey specialises in speaking in the after-lunch conference slot, bringing the graveyard shift back to life and at the same time teaching a unique way of harnessing mindfulness.

In our extremely busy lives, mindfulness is relevant for every person in any career. It increases productivity, creativity and prevents presenteeism.