Industry Mindfulness Photography

Mindfulness is well known to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your staff and in return the productivity of the company. But in some ways, people see mindfulness practices as "woo-woo".

Mindfulness Photography offers an accessible, low tech and resourceful way to positively impact your teams creativity and wellbeing.

After years of professional photographic experience, in newspapers, our own 90 books and many magazines, Michael discovered his own mindfulness photography philosophy. His processes are possible with just the smartphone or professional cameras.

Jane is the health professional, who as a stress management consultant, uses Mindfulness Photography as part of her Stress Management Toolbelt.

For Corporate Wellness Sessions

Are your team overwhelmed with the busyness of life, both at work and home? Jane and Michael Pelusey can work with them, using a well-researched process of mindfulness photography that teaches them a technique that they can use with access to their smartphone.

Yes we know, in many cases the smartphone is one of the causes of the stress and busyness. That is the beauty of this program: Unplugging, from a plugged in world, using the very tool they plugged into.

In either a full day workshop or shorter sessions, Jane and Michael can show even the most stressed employee how to calm the mind and bring them into the present moment.