Residual Income

We are travellers so imagine knowing you could travel the world, knowing that a certain amount of income was coming in every week, every month and every year. Game changing!

June for us is residual income month. We are lucky enough to receive weekly and monthly residual, but there is nothing like a big yearly cheque (direct transfer does sound as sexy).

There is nothing like residual income to bring a smile to your face. That is because the hard work we did for it years ago still brings in income today and every year to come.

The thing that people may not understand about residual income is that because we did the original work, the income comes in whatever else happens. The concept of what residual income means is worth investigating.

We are used to being paid wages or salary but residual income is more like having money invested and being paid interest or dividends.

When we reframe what our residual income is worth to us, it is worthwhile looking at this chart of investment. At the current really low interest rate what we need to have invested to receive our current rate of residual income?


The brilliance of residual income is that we would need to have over $5 million in the bank to accrue our current residual income. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that is real.

Do you remember Linda Evangelista’s comment about super-modelling?

“I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”

Well residual income is a bit like that.



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