My Photographic Motto

I like to treat every location and experience like a photo journalist and Capture the Essence. That is my photographic moto. When I return from a holiday, assignment or adventure, I like to have a collection of photos that really shows the place I have been to. That is not possible with just one photograph but a treasury of images.



Photography Workshops

Photography is way of capturing our memories for the future and those memories give us pleasure and record events to look back on. I believe that most people have a digital camera that has capabilities far above what they are being used for. I run ‘on location’ photographic workshops for all ages that give you hands on experience and feedback on the spot. How 
much better is it to learn something and then to try it out right there and then.  For upcoming dates go to Workshop dates.


Growing up to be a Photographer

Photography is my passion. I discovered my passion leafing through my uncle’s old
 National Geographic Magazines. The pictures opened up a world of possibility and 
adventure to me, even at that tender young age. I remember the first photo I ever took
 with my mother’s Kodak box brownie. It was a shot of a quokka on Rottnest Island. My first
 camera I actually owned was Kodak starlight, I was 9 years old. The photos were average 
to say the least, but I loved taking every one of them. I took photos of animals, flowers, the 
And now, I am doing the same thing and more.

After spending a year backpacking around South America, I returned home to begin a
 career in photography and writing. I have been a professional photographer for over 25
years, having my work published in over 80 books, hundreds of magazines and a few 
exhibitions. In this photography blog I explain the process I go through in getting ‘that’ 

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