2015 – the best year yet

Many small business owners start their own business to have more flexibility, time off and work life balance. For us, as one of those small business owners, the time before Christmas and New Year is often a time of review and professional development (if they are not involved in the post Christmas sales).  During a Business Success Blueprint training, we were asked to read the E-Myth revisited. What a revelation this book is, business and life changing.

Michael Gerber, the author, suggests that there are three stages of small business:E-Myth Revisited

  1. The Infancy
  2. The Adolescence and
  3. The Maturity

These also relate to the characteristics of the entrepreneur:

  1. The Technician
  2. The Manager
  3. The Entrepreneur

Gerber’s words rang very true that most small business owners start out of technicians. They know their the skills of their business really well. So well they decide to start a business. If they survive that phase, they move onward to the manager stage. What often happens is that small business owners cycle between technician and manager; infancy and adolescence until they realise that their business really has become a job that they cannot leave.

Our realisation is that we too have a business that depends on us. We have a certain set of skills and do all of the work. We are not saying we don’t love what we. It provides us with a travel lifestyle that we love. We can work from anywhere, anytime. However we do have to do the work. We are the technicians.

2015 is the 15th anniversary of our business. In that time we have created over 80 books that give us residual income. We write articles, speak publicly and run workshops about photography and publishing. bid vs ask We also help other people to write their own stories in book form.

So our goal for 2015, in order to move into the entrepreneurial realm and maturity,  is to create a business that is duplicatable so we are not the ones that have to do all the work. We are doing this to create our ultimate vision: to travel the world whereever and whenever we want and to help other people to travel the world as well.


So stay tuned, 2015 is going to be the best year yet.



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