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Michael and Jane Pelusey believe that everyone deserves to experience the world with energy and curiosity. They have a passion for travel and adventure, health and wellness, writing, photography and books. That passion links directly to their amazing lifestyle. Over a 25 year period, the Pelusey’s  have developed a series of services and products that reflect that passion.

“We believe that it is all about lifestyle and we are grateful we live an enviable one. Writing, Photography and Books have given us that lifestyle.” says Jane Pelusey

Michael and Jane Pelusey are experts in their field. Their photography and writing that has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines and books – with international publishers and self-publishing under their own independent publishing business. They have written over 80 books in the last twelve years with over 300,000 books sold.
Our products and services are:

Nutritional Cleanse

We market a product for women over 40 who feel fat, unfit and OMG so tired and for men over 50 who were fit and active for most of their life, but now it’s getting away from them and they want it back.

Photography workshops

Everyone is a photographer these days due to the technology of digital cameras. Except that the majority of people don’t know how to get the most out of their cameras. Michael’s relaxed presentation style makes learning easy so you can take better photographs.

Feedback from Michael’s previous workshops:
“Easy informed manner of lecturer (Michael) and no question went unanswered”
“Mike is a well-rounded, clear photography presenter willing to explore questions”
“My daughter and I attended your presentation on Monday. I actually stayed unexpectantly and I am very happy that I did because I enjoyed your talk very much. I also have taken a lot from reading your book that you gave out. I have just journeyed thru a difficult period and am grateful that I have seen the way to a better and happier future so hearing your words were so inspiring to me . However I really wish to thank you for coming and I will definitely be supporting my daughters to follow their passions.”

Books and Photos

90 books and nearly 100,000 photos – a life time of work

Our passion for trails (hiking, kayaking, cycling, 4WDing) has resulted in books and websites

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